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What We Work On

Revolutionizing Smart City Technologies with Intelligence & Efficiency

Smart Lighting | Intelligent Surveillance| Multi-channel Network Video | Data Analytics | Connected Devices | Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Authentication & Security, Surveillance, Fault Detection & Self Recovery, Energy Optimization, Wireless Services, Mobile Applications

Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics

Face Recognition, Intruder Detection, Vehicle Number Plate Detection, LiDAR Image Processing, Risk Prediction

Embedded Solutions with Hardware & Firmware Design

Multilayer PCB Design, Driver Optimization, Battery & Power Management, Embedded Software & Hardware Integration

Our Products & Solutions

Surveillance, Analytics & Video Management

Our video products allow high speed streaming to remote cloud servers which run machine learning models to enable high performance data analytics.

Healthcare Solutions

We embed wearable devices and non-wearable cloud-based AI services with the intelligence to detect and predict post-stroke relapse symptoms and provide fast access to hospital and doctor networks.

Automotive Solutions

We provide smart devices and solutions for vehicle safety, risk prediction, number plate recognition, GPS tracking and management.

Smart Lighting

Street Lights

Wirelessly controlled smart street LED luminaires deliver energy savings from 50 to 80 percent.

Indoor Lights

Our smart home lighting products provide envorinment-aware, adaptive and wireless lighting controls.

Smart Lighting Hubs

Our intelligent lighting hubs can pair with power efficient lights and provide intelligent and wireless light control.

Video Surveillance & Data Analysis

Street Surveillance

Security cameras for streets, factories, offices allow for intelligent data analysis and surveillance using AI-based learning algorthms to detect anomalies and send hazard notifications across various networks

Home Security Camera

Our smart home camera products perform face & intrusion detection, learn to differentiate between families, friends and visitors and provide the ability to authenticate users or restrict access.

Video Analytics

Neural networks are trained to recognize patterns from large amounts of video data and detect anomalies, hazards to ensure 24/7 safety and security of monitored areas.

Healthcare Solutions


Wearable devices collect sensor data to predict post-stroke symptoms, help patients track progress, connect patients with stroke specialists.

Sensor Data Analytics

Remote diagonstics of sensor data allows our AI models to predict health risks, alert patients, families and doctors.

Mobile & Web Apps

Mobile and web applications allow centralized data control and tracking of progress for patients, families and doctors on the network.

Automotive Solutions

Vehicle Tracking

Our Intelligent Video Analytics services can perform number plate recognition and GPS tracking to track and manage vehicles for road safety.

Fleet Management

Commercial vehicles are best tracked by our video analytics software for deliveries, passenger transportation and road traffic management

Vehicle Safety

We also offer In-Vechicle safety products to detect lanes, obstacles, driver-fatigue, predict possible safety hazards and alert subscribed mobile devices.

Our Team

Our Engineering Team is already 15 engineers strong!

Dr. Debasmita Shaw

Founder & CEO

Former Engineering Leader at Toshiba, Infineon, Seimens, Texas Instruments. Ph.D. in Video Analytics & Compression, Computer Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Dr. Jayanta Roy

Partner & Director

MD, DM (Neuro) Fellow, Cerebrovascular Diseases, University of Calgary, Canada, Director and Head, Department of Neurology, AMRI Institute of Neurosciences

Debasish Pradhan

Director Operations

General Manager Uninor Networks, Head Operationss Vodafone, Head Planning Bharati Cellular Networks. M Tech. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Subhranta Kumar Shaw


Hardware Engineering Manager, Semiconductor Design Group, Texas Instruments, Siemens, Infineon, Open-Silicon, Synopsys

We currently work out of 3 offices in the United States and India. Our offices are located in Santa Clara, Bangalore and Calcutta.

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340 Hillsdale Ave, Santa Clara, CA

Merlin Matrix, 202 DN 10, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Calcutta


United States:+1 (408) 689-2816