Structural Health Monitoring

How it Works

Hybrid health monitoring relies on acquiring large amounts of data using appropriate data acquisition systems, utilizing an array of sensors which are tailored to provide us with the necessary information pertaining to a particular set of structural distress parameters. The data is then assessed using statistical and probabilistic methods to quantify the extent of structural distress which can be utilized by structural engineers to determine appropriate damage mitigation/repair strategies. It is crucial to develop an instrumentation methodology and optimize the data collection process to reduce error andthe life cycle costs during the monitoring process.

The phases of hybrid SHM involve:

  • Detection of damage using state-of-the-art sensing/IoT devices
  • Determination of chronology of distress
  • Data processing using advanced computer vision algorithms and multi-sensor data analysis
  • Predict future damage using collected data
  • 24/7 autonomous monitoring of critical structural components

So What?

Diverse Software Solutions brings a unique IoT-based integrated commercial solution harnessing the power of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to detect distress in ageing infrastructure assets

Distress Mapping

Our in-house image processing algorithms are capable of generating high fidelity graphics for structural distresses by stitching images captured by drones. Trained with distress mapping data sets, our algorithms can determine distress categories and parameters for possible resolution strategies. The progress of distress can be monitored over a period of time and compared with previously acquired data allowing us to determine effective active health monitoring strategies tailored for each project.

Reducing Life-Cycle Costs

Our efficient SHM solutions will allow clients and local administrations to identify critical damage to ageing infrastructure assets and allow the prioritization of certain repairs over others to increase the service life of the structural components. Our solutions can also be applied in new construction to avoid higher repair costs in future by early diagnosis of critical distress.

Extended Features

Based on the capabilities of our IoT edge devices we are able to provide additional features including traffic monitoring systems for bridges, pothole reduction solutions for highways, water management systems, etc. The possibilities are endless with Diverse Software Solutions SmartLink.