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How it Works

Lights, Camera, Analytics!

We have developed an integrated smart city solution that allows cloud connectivity of energy efficient LED street lights with camera - Surveillux through an intelligent remote control and management software platform. Our solution is powered by our smart hub, SmartLink and the software platform to control and monitor these street lights and cemeras, Centralized Control & Monitoring System – CentralOne. CentralOne is a SaaS solution with web and mobile interfaces running on a secure web server, allowing remote and secure IoT connections in real time to the data hub or cluster manager either by wired or wireless network using GPRS, 3G, 4G, LTE, Fibre, LAN or Wifi communication systems. We also offer custom data analytics for various application specific scenarios, which is powered by various machine learning models in the cloud.

Diverse Software Solutions' CentralOne creates a wireless mesh of radio frequencies (less than 925Hz) which operates in low power and has the capability of relaying message for LED commands, fault detection and dimming control. The mesh network has the range coverage of over 55 meters with no clear line-of-sight. Wireless mesh network of smart LEDs has the ability of self-formation, self-healing and fault detection. Our dimming control software supports 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% control for 0- 10V DC. We also provide a SaaS solution to monitor and analyze real-time video footage from the connected IoT cameras which are integrated with the street lights through our Video Management System - VideoOne. Additionally, users have the ability to opt-into viewing intelligent data analytics from our video processing engines.


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"We are very impressed with your fast and high quality device (SmartLink) deployment and delivery @Simoco Wirless Solutions."

Kamalendu Polley Simoco Wireless Solutions

"Wireless mesh results for LED street lighting were impressive @Simoco Wirless Solutions."

Sanjay Ghosh Simoco Wireless Solutions

"DSS Surveillux at our production site helped reducing coal theft. Headquarter audited and asked to increase more such units in other areas @Eastern Coalfield Limited."

Akash Sinha Eastern Coalfield Limited